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 About the Cartoonist David Green
DAVID GREEN CARTOONIST CARICATURESDavid Green was born in the surfing capital of N.S.W. Merewether, Newcastle in 1960, even though I have never been on a surf board, I have played numerous sports. I always could draw, and drawing led to my first job in the T-Shirt design industry,  after that I worked in a few Advertising/ad agencies even at a printing company.

I reluctantly entered the business world in 1997, after a series of failed jobs,  which I mainly blame myself for, I have never had any formal training, and I have never entered any competitions, I have learnt on the run.  School of hard knocks you might say.

Cartooning has always come easy to me, however, even though I have a 'mad' sense  of humour, I sometimes don't feel like a 'cartoonist', if you understand my drift. Over the years I have practiced very hard at my craft, always trying to be the best,  this competitive quality comes through in various other parts of my life.

I'm a very sociable person, who enjoys keeping fit, presently just over 6 feet tall and  93 kilos. Training consist mainly of bike riding, walking, running, weights and plyo/interval training. 

I also enjoy cooking, but my great love in music, I can play a few instruments, not the best  musician ever, but I can play. I really enjoy the engineering side of music, the producers. I would put this up there with a cartoonist as a great profession to be in.

To conclude, I'm a normal guy who works to live, and enjoy a game of golf most weeks, a good push bike ride,  I love catching up with mates and having a beer or twenty, so hopefully this paints a picture of me, to you,  and gives you a better understanding of who I am.
Over all I enjoy my time in business and hope that I can help you.

David Green