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David Green Caricature Drawing & Cartoon Design Studio

Over 30 years practicing as a professional cartoonist in Australia, from caricatures to design.

David Green Caricature Drawing & Cartoon Design studio is equipped with the latest pen tablet and software to give you the best quality cartoons. Cartoonist like myself have their own unique style which you are born with, your style, which has been modified and change over the years, cartoonist don't change it, cartoonist develop their style then put their skills into practice when designing it becomes quicker to become a better cartoonist.


David Green was born in the surfing capital of N.S.W. Merewether, Newcastle in 1960, even though I have never been on a surf board, I have played numerous sports mainly grade cricket and rugby league, but I always could draw, and drawing led to my first job in the T-Shirt design industry, after that I worked in a few Advertising/ad agencies even at a printing company.

Cartooning has always come easy to me, however, even though I have a 'mad' sense of humour, I sometimes don't feel like a 'cartoonist', if you understand my drift. Over the years I have practiced very hard at my craft, always trying to be the best, this competitive quality comes through in various other parts of my life, including training and sports, always do more than the other person.

I'm a very sociable person, who enjoys keeping fit, presently just over 6 feet tall and 99 kilos. Training consist mainly of bike riding, walking, running, weights and plyo/interval training.

I also enjoy cooking, but my great love in music, I can play a few instruments, not the best musician ever, but I can play. I really enjoy the engineering side of music, the producers. I would put this up there with a cartoonist as a great profession to be in.

To conclude, I'm a normal guy who works to live, and enjoy a game of golf most weeks, a good push bike ride, I love catching up with mates and having a beer or twenty, so hopefully this paints a picture of me, to you, and gives you a better understanding of who I am.

David Green

Caricature drawing and Cartoon design to clients’ specifications