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Order quality black & white or colour caricature online

Hand drawn or digital caricature online. Give a memorable gift

Caricature online are emailed to posted, framed to canvas print and delivered to your door.

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Hand drawn original A3 caricature black n white with a grey wash posted.
$150 incl. GST


A3 Posted(Black Marker & Wash) in cylinder old school caricature.Hand drawn original caricatures are for those who still want to put their hands on an original piece of art, old school caricatures drawn on A3 250 gsm artist board with black ink markers and a grey wash, then posted flat. Best suited with only one person in the drawing only and does not come in colour. Emailed option in black and white with wash $150 A3 . But one or the other. Choose carefully. One person per drawing only please.

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Digital ipad pro A4 original caricature in colour emailed framed delivered.
$165 incl. GST


A4 digital ipad caricature Emailed or posted, to framed/printed on canvas.Ipad digital caricatures are emailed/framed only drawn on the ipad pro with drawing programs which allows me to paint the caricatures with in a variety of mediums, giving the caricature a crisp, vibrant finish, Ipad pro caricatures don't have the high finished pixel resolution of etoons but still look great, your emailed version is your hard copy. Also do black and white with a grey wash emailed version these looks fantastic as well. Group options available.

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Etoon premium original Caricature A3-A2 emailed, posted or framed delivered. $275 incl.GST

A3 Emailed/Posted to framed and delivered/print on canvas.Etoons caricatures if you are after a premium quality caricature, this is it, original hand drawn in the studio with latest tablets devices and software giving these etoons caricatures a brilliant, animated polished finish, and etoons caricatures are either sent to you via your email to posted or framed and delivered up to A2 in size, all etoons are printed onto the finest premium photographic paper, which does not fade. You also get an emailed version for free. Group options available.

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What you get when you order a caricature from David Green cartoonist.

All caricature options prices are for one person only a standard caricature has themes complete with foreground and background, you pay extra for trucks, motor bikes, boats etc - buildings/landmarks of detail.  See samples below showing the added extras that you can order. A standard would consist of on the golf course with a beer, food, and a few other items as seen here in sample 1.

standard caricature
1. Standard caricature
caricature with truck
2. Caricature with truck
Caricature with car and landmarks

3. Caricature with car and landmarks

All caricatures are original art drawn by David Green and are emailed to you for approval/changes, all changes are done at the final colour stage, changes can still be made from the 2nd coloured proof. Once you have approved the caricature from the colour proof it will be sent to you via your preferred delivery option- so you see all the changes before the caricatures are sent, no surprises, you also get the digital hard copy.

Facial changes from proofs are re-sent until you are satisfied, in most cases I go straight to colour, I might ask for better photos.

What you need to do and know when ordering a caricature

It’s important that you submit the best photo/s of the person [preferably smiling] please no ‘selfies’’ are accepted.Detailed instructions of how you want the caricature to look, your theme, even down to what they will be wearing, colours etc. is required by you.

Please give your preferred delivery date, please don’t forget this.

Make sure you read the specifications on the caricature that you are ordering and understand what you are ordering. All caricatures need to be paid online before a proof can be submitted to you, 21 years in business. If you are unclear with the extra options when ordering please contact me to help you with this.

Option 1. is Posted or emailed only, not both so tick the right box.
Option 2. is emailed posted printed on canvas A3 to framed and delivered A4 only.
Option 3. is emailed, posted printed on canvas A2 to framed and delivered A3

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