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Frequently Asked Questions Caricature Gifts.

Question-Do I get to see a proof?
Answer-Yes. The customer gets to see a proof, changes can be made from the proofs and the final art.
All caricatures are signed off before the orders are closed.

Question-What do I need to do when ordering?
Answer-The most important thing you must do is fill out the online order form correctly.
This includes, tick the appropriate boxes for you order, supply the best photos you have, [no selfies] 
and a detailed description on how you wantthe caricature to look, this is your theme, 
and  very important when you need it delivered by. Most customers forget this.

Question-Do you offer refunds?
Answer-Yes. But if I have completed the caricature after the proof has been approved
 no refund will be issued.  A 50% refund will be issued from the
full amount paid at the proof stage, if the customer is not satisfied with the proofs. 
In most proofs can take longer to do than the final art this is because generally I
have to research material for references to draw for the proof, plus the assembly.
A full refund will be issued if the caricature was not recieved in time.
This is for emailed and posted caricatures only. 

Question-What is the best caricature to choose from?
Answer-Option 1 and 3 are drawn on the Wacom Cintiq which has a far better pixil
resolution than the ipad pro has, plus the line work and colour calibration is far better.
The ipad pro is a more cost effective caricature option, but customers still like them.

Question-What sort of frames do you use?
Answer-I use a few different framers depending on what state you live in, 
I use the framer who has their business in the same state. All frames are a tidy black timber
with matting of my choice to suit the caricature. The frames are not the most expensive available.
I choose the frames to suit my costing from the shop.

Frequently Asked Questions Events.

Question- What type of events do you do?
Answer- I do any type of events from Weddings to corporate events Kids birthday parties.
Christmas parties-private house parties, it doesn't bother me.

Question-Where are you located at?
Answer-I'm located in the Sydney region, but I travel frequently to all gigs.
I've been from Hobart-Perth to Cairns you'll be surprised how affordable it can be for you.

Question-How much do you charge?
Answer-My fees are $150-$250 per hour, with travel accommodation/flights need to be added.

Question-How long does it take you to draw a caricature?
Answer-Speedy caricatures I can do in 2 min. or standard caricatures 4-6 min. the ipad around 6-8 mins.
It really depends on your event, for instance I can spend 8-10 min doing really quality layed colour caricatures on the ipad
or simply knock them out as well, it's best to call me to discuss what best will suit your event.

Question-How long will we need to hire you for?
Answer- In most cases you need three hours, depending on your event you may need 4-5 hours.
I do two hours as well but please ask me about this option.

Question-Do you draw just head to shoulders or full body?
Answer-I draw both, it really comes down to the discussions between me and the client,
in most cases though we go with just head to chest as it is quicker. But its'your choice.

Question-What is best the ipad of standard markers?
Answer-Both are perfect forms of mediums for caricatures and both produce good work,
but as a rule ipad caricature will take longer to do because of the colour work.
Ipad caricatures can be displayed on screens etc. ipad are popular for trade shows.

Question-What do you supply at events?
Answer-I supply all my paper [200gsm or thicker] pens and markers, plastic sleeves to 
place the caricatures in, with the ipad I supply printers, photographic paper, protection sleeves
plus all connection devices for screen display etc. I just need a table and chairs.

Question-Do you work longer than your hired time?
Answer-I really like to sort my times out and fees prior to the event, if we both think there is
an option for another hour we can have this set aside, and use the extra hour if needed.
It's important to respect that once the allocated time is up, please allow me to 
pack up and go home. Let's face it no one likes working for nothing.

Question-How do we pay you?
Answer-In all cases 50% is required to secure the booking, with the remainder to be paid either before the event or on the
 night of the event, if your company pays other payment terms, please discuss this with me.

Question-What if we want to cancel the event or I can't attend?
Answer-In all cases the deposit is refunded, [there is a 7 day cancellation policy-if you cancel within this period 50% will only be refunded]
If I'm traveling and I have book accommodation/flights  the client forfeits this cost.
If in the event I can not do your gig due to illness etc, I have a pool of other cartoonist who can fill in for me, at the same cost,
otherwise the full amount of money paid will be refunded without fail.

Question-How do we hire you?
Answer-Simply fill out the form below by clicking onto the 'hire me' icon
But remember unless a deposit is paid and you get a confirmation advice the booking is not secured.