Tattoons personalised tattoos designed to your specifications, ready to be tattooed.
Tattoos designed to your liking, you tell what you need and I'll do the rest, your personalised own 
tattoo design. Tattoos ready for your tattooist, no I'm not a tattooist, I'm a designer/cartoonist who 
has worked closely to tattooist over the years, so I understand the connection between the 
tattoo design and the tattooist.

So weather you need a tribal tattoo, skull tattoo or a caricature tattoo, I can assist you in your tattoo.
I can design you basic tattoos as you see above to more complicated tattoo designs, as this is a new 
site I will be adding new tattoo designs as I do them, but your design remains yours and will not be
sold to any other customer. Tattoos for the wrist, tattoos for your chest and arm, or tattoos for wrist, ankle.


To order email me your specifications, making sure you let me know weather your tattoo design is a wrist , fore arm etc.